What are the advantages of digital x-rays over traditional?

Digital X-ray sensors are used instead of traditional photographic film. Images appear on the screen immediately so the time taken for chemical processing is no longer needed. Digital x-ray systems also have the ability to enhance images through color and 3-D, allowing for early diagnosis for our patients. Review of your procedures by your insurance company is also expedited through digitally transferring your x-rays when requested.

Most digital x-ray systems require just a small fraction of the exposure time needed for traditional film resulting in up to 90% less radiation.

What causes tooth decay?

Decay occurs when plague, the sticky substance that forms on teeth, combines with the sugars and starches of the foods that we eat. This combination produces acids that attack tooth enamel. The best way to prevent tooth decay is by flossing daily, brushing your teeth at least twice per day, and avoiding foods and drinks high in sugar.

What causes tooth loss?

Dental cavities caused by tooth decay and periodontal disease affecting your gums and bone structure are the most common factors contributing to tooth loss. Dental cavities are the major cause of tooth loss in children and periodontal disease is the major cause of tooth loss in adults.

How does your mouth affect your overall health?

Gum disease is a serious dental problem which has been linked to heart disease and strokes.

How often should I see a Dentist for a Check-up and cleaning?

All ages should see their dentist for a regular cleaning and check-up at least every six months. Lifestyle choices and medical conditions will be taken into account by your dental professional when suggesting your next appointment. Tobacco and alcohol use, diabetes, pregnancy, periodontal and gum disease, poor oral hygiene and certain medical conditions are a consideration when deciding how often a dental cleaning and check-up are needed.

What are the Benefits of White Fillings?

White Fillings, also known as composites are often made of plastic or glass polymers and are free of heavy metals. These cosmetic fillings fill a cavity with a substance that will look and feel just like your existing tooth structure.  This restoration is created with a resin material and fits tightly into a tooth to prevent decay.  Rather than a gray or silver material in your mouth, the composite color will match the tooth color. 

Is it really that important to floss everyday?

Daily flossing adds years to your life by eliminating the bacteria surrounding your teeth. Infections, which can flair up in just a few days, are caused by bacteria which can seep into your blood stream. Bacterial infections have been linked to heart disease.

Do you accept my Insurance plan?

Our practice accepts most major dental insurance plans. If you do not see your insurance plan listed on our home page, please call us to ask if we participate. We are connected to most major insurance company internet sites and have the ability, in most cases, to assess your employer’s plan and your individual eligibility at the time of your appointment. We will complete and submit your claim forms and help navigate your claim throughout the insurance process.

What makes you different than other dental practices?

Our number one goal is for your health and comfort while maintaining quality dental care for you and your family. Our personal concern for your dental health, the most up-to-date dental practices, and our state-of-the-art facility ensures you are receiving the best in dental care.

What does it mean to be an eco-friendly dental practice?

There are tangible ways to define eco-friendly. Our Services outlines the ever-evolving initiatives we have taken to “think green”.

Rethinking the way our office is run is the initial step in making a difference to the environment. In addition to recycling and creating a virtually paperless office, we have implemented simple changes like using sterilized cloth products rather than paper and plastic and the use of modern equipment which leads to a decrease in energy and water consumption. As with all good environmental practices, the 3-R’s apply: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

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